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Mission Statement

Our Mission is for the next generation to be a “We” generation instead of a “ Me” generation by putting to use non-perishable items that would have otherwise been thrown out. Non-perishable items such as unused party gifts, presents, household items, school supplies and art supplies that have never been used are valuable gifts to children and their families who are medically challenged.

By allowing us to reuse an item that you would have disposed of you have given something of yourself to someone who is in need of it. That re-gift brings warm hopes that the world around cares.

Change is brought by each child sharing their world by re-gifting a piece of it to another person.

Jr. Re-gifting is a non-profit foundation based in New York. It was founded by Mitchell, Maxine and Helmer Jr. for them to give their unused items to children and families that had medical obstacles. As they give, their friends and family followed growing the excitement for sharing instead of disposing of their extra stuff.

In-kind donations are important part of an institution’s funding for it provide for needed items. Therefore, in-kind donations provide items that the institution would have had to purchased. This allows for additional funds be available for treatments and care that families may not have been able to afford.